UConn men's basketball coach, Jim Calhuon, fields questions from reproters back in 2008. The team has been in the spotlight this week, not because of basketball, but because of questionable recruiting operations that surfaced.

UConn men's basketball coach, Jim Calhuon, fields questions from reporters in 2008. His team has been in the spotlight this week, not because of their current run toward the Final Four, but because of alleged recruiting violations that surfaced on Wednesday. (AP Photo)

This weekend, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament will cut it’s participants from 65 teams to four. Bill gives updates on some notable scores and comments on the 2009 tournament. Also, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports, who broke the story about the possible recruiting violations by the UConn men’s basketball team, will join Bill to talk about the alleged infractions.

Not to be forgotten, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Michelle Smith will join the show and discuss the women’s NCAA basketball tournament thus far and her expectations for the remaining games.

In 2003, the Women’s United Soccer Association suspended operations. Now, six years later, the Women’s Pro Soccer League hopes it doesn’t suffer the fate of its predecessor. Only A Game’s Bill Littlefield examines WPS strategy as their inaugural season begins on Sunday.

Author Bruce Weber takes a hands-on examination of baseball umpires in his book, As They See ‘Em: A Fan’s Travels in the Land of Umpires. In addition to talking with umpires of every level he also goes through umpire school and spring training to study the profession. Weber joins Only A Game to talk about his progression through umpire school.

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss the Tennessee Lady Vols’ team punishment, the Clippers’ potential General Manager prospect, and the Olympic Committee’s decision on the worldwide torch relay.

Bill has commentary on the student-athlete, athlete-student conundrum.

An unusual sport is taking the country, or more specifically, Wisconsin, by storm: logrolling. The object of a logrolling match is to stay atop a log over water longer than the opponent without making physical contact.  Only A Game’s Mitch Teich reports on an amateur competition in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.