Jackson Lake looks ready to race. His Mom, Erin, will be among those cheering for him. (Bill Littlefield/Only A Game)Sue LaChance, who was recording times, obviously took her work seriously. Otherwise, what’s the explanation for the hat? (Bill Littlefield/Only A Game)Jai Tombin (#87) and Jack Simmersky (#58) on their way to the starting line. (Bill Littlefield/Only A Game)They say that even on the coldest days, cross-country skiers get warm once they get going. You think this skier believes that? (Bill Littlefield/Only A Game)Sixteen cross-country skiers and one ham. (Bill Littlefield/Only A Game)Double-poling at the start. (Jeffrey Nottonson/Courtesy)This youngster is either way ahead or way behind. (Bill Littlefield/Only A Game)Mid-race action. (Jeffrey Nottonson/Courtesy)

The Weston Ski Center is home to the Eastern Mass Youth Cross-Country Ski Team, one of many in the Bill Koch Ski League. Only A Game’s Bill Littlefield visited this cross-country community and took some pictures along the way.