Connecticut's Megham Gardler tries to get past Cincinnati's Kahla Roudebush in the second half of the Connecticut-Cincinnati NCAA women's college basketball game at Storrs, Conn., Thursday, Jan. 7, 2009. (AP Photo)

Bill has an update on another jaw-dropping week of March Madness, and he’ll be joined by Pat Forde of and Cincinnati Bearcats Head Coach Jamelle Elliott to discuss the men’s and women’s tournaments.

With last Saturday’s opening of Red Bull Arena, the New York Red Bulls became the eighth MLS team to build their own stadium. After adding a new field and avoiding a strike last weekend, the league and its fans are excited for another season of Major League Soccer. Only A Game’s Eugene Sonn has the story.

What started as a class project at Champlain College became the Slam for Sudan fundraiser, a slam-dunk and three-point contest to benefit Sudanese immigrants living in Burlington, Vermont. Bill talks about last Thursday’s event with Sudanese immigrant Alex Pial of Global Reach Partnerships and Alex Brandstetter, the founder of Slam for Sudan.

Capoeira, the “dance of war” created in the 1500s by African slaves in Brazil, combines martial arts, music, and dance. Hundreds of years after its foundation, the art form lives on and has made its way back to Africa. Only A Game’s Anjali Nayar reports from the first capoeira school in East Africa.

Bill dives into the Only A Game virtual mailbag to read some of our listeners’ comments.

The madness of March isn’t limited to the basketball court, and Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce have a wild week of sports to discuss, including an Orange upset, some NFL rule changes, and a preview of Jose Canseco’s grand jury testimony.

They don’t make ‘em like they used to. Major League pitchers, that is. Nowadays, starters have pitch counts, innings limits, and scouting reports to boot. That was all unheard of in 1884, when Old Hoss Radbourn threw 73 complete games and won all but 14 of them. Bill talks with Edward Achorn, author of Fifty-nine in ’84, about one of the greatest single-season pitching performances of all-time.