Hideki Matsui was a member of the New York Yankees when they won the 2009 World Series. Now his new team, the Los Angeles Angels, has given him a new honor. (AP Photo)

A Cozy Record

Last week, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim made sure outfielder Hideki Matsui would appear in the record book…the Guinness Book of World Records. The ballclub accomplished this by distributing to everyone in the sellout crowd a complimentary Hideki Matsui “blankie.” Once those fans donned their colorful snuggy-like gifts, an on-site adjudicator certified that, yes, 43,510 wearing blankies simultaneously did constitute a record…much to the dismay of the 17,758 Cleveland fans who’d set the previous record by wearing fleece blankets at a Cavaliers game just over a month ago.

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Final Four Foul-Up

Sometimes you want your team to win so much, that you can’t help yourself…you just plunge into an alternative reality in which it has happened.

Hence the front page of the Indianapolis Star’s website, IndyStar.com, which announced just before Duke beat Butler on April 9 that Butler had beaten Duke.

There are precedents for mistakes like that by a news organization, see: Dewey Beats Truman. More difficult to explain is the image circulating on the internet of a Butler cheerleader leaping into the air at the end of the game her team lost. For reasons that remain mysterious as well as suspicious, the NCAA has not yet begun to investigate whether said cheerleader had bet on Duke.

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