Scott Rolen of the Cincinnati Reds yells at a St. Louis Cardinals player being held back by teammate Jeff Suppan during an altercation in the first inning of their game in Cincinnati Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010. (AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)

You wouldn’t expect a team playing 1,500 miles away from Foxborough to bring many fans to Gillette Stadium, especially for a preseason game. But as Only A Game’s Karen Given reports, the New Orleans Saints have won supporters from all over the country through their success on the field and because of an outpouring of public support for a city that has been continuously challenged over the last five years.

Bill talks to’s Gregg Doyel, who will forecast the upcoming NFL season and let us know if Bengals QB Carson Palmer can really keep both of his high-profile (and high-ego) wide receivers happy with just one football.

The Cincinnati Reds haven’t made the playoffs in 15 years, and the team’s desperation showed this week when they erupted into a brawl with the St. Louis Cardinals that led to ejections and suspensions for managers of both teams. Only A Game’s Keith O’Brien reports on the Reds’ unlikely playoff push.

Title IX was signed into law almost 40 years ago, yet it is still often misrepresented and unfairly condemned. Bill speaks with University of Pittsburgh law professor Deborah Brake, author of Getting in the Game, about how the law has changed female athletics and what still can be done to encourage more girls to play sports.

Charlie Pierce joins Bill to talk about Tiger’s chances at the PGA Championship, the new King of South Beach keeping “mental notes,” and 21,000 Cowboys fans showing up to PRACTICE. Not a game, we talkin’ about PRACTICE.

Bill’s not a betting man. But if he was, he could have picked up a few tips when he spent the day with members of the North Hill retirement community watching the horse races at Suffolk Downs in Boston. Maybe the gambling advice was lost on him, but the stories from the North Hill residents certainly weren’t.