For journeymen players like Dirk Hayhurst, shown in spring training this year with the Tampa Bay Rays, baseball's offseason isn't always relaxing. (AP)

After signing a 10-year contract worth a quarter of a billion dollars, Albert Pujols can be certain the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have plans for him next year.

Dirk Hayhurst doesn’t have that kind of clarity about his future. Hayhurst is a relief pitcher with 10 years of service in the minors and the major leagues, who hasĀ  pitched for in the Blue Jays’, Padres’ and Rays’ organizations.

Hayhurst is also the author of two New York Times bestsellers: The Bullpen Gospels and Out Of My League.

In a commentary for Only A Game, Hayhurst says while many baseball players can rest assured that their spot on the roster will be safe come spring, some journeymen don’t know where they’ll land on Opening Day, if they land anywhere at all.