Among the 11 defensive starters from the 2007 Patriots team that reached the Super Bowl before falling to the Giants, only one remains with the team: tackle Vince Wilfork. (AP)

The Patriots and Giants met in the Super Bowl once before, and it didn’t go particularly well for New England. They also met in Week 9 this season, with New York again coming out on top. This weekend, the Patriots will try to avenge those two losses. With the Big Game almost upon us, we turned to Gregg Doyel of, who is in Indianapolis this week, for his take on the game and the atmosphere.

“We’re trying to pay attention to this really magical game, the Patriots and Giants ought to be a lot of fun,” he said. “At the same time, you’ve got Peyton Manning – it’s kind of awkward because he basically built this stadium. The Super Bowl is in town because Peyton Manning played for the Colts and played well, and the franchise took off. So we’re playing in the stadium that Peyton Manning built, even as he’s fighting with his owner about whether or not he’s about to get released.”

While perhaps Indianapolis is not as glamorous as previous Super Bowl locations like Miami, New Orleans, and San Diego, Doyel said that the atmosphere is still great.

When we all think one thing, we’re wrong. … If everybody was right, we’d all be rich.

– Gregg Doyel

“It’s the mid-west. It’s calm, the weather has been wonderful, and as it turns out, because the city is compact – the stadium, all the hotels, the media center, and the restaurants are all within walking distance.”

Although the Patriots and Giants are playing in their second Super Bowl in four years, Doyel said calling it a rivalry is not the most accurate description.

“They don’t dislike each other, there’s no animosity there. Nobody likes Belichick, and nobody really likes Tom Coughlin, and yet, they don’t seem to dislike each other.”

The odds-makers in Las Vegas have the Patriots pegged as the favorite, but Doyel said that in the battle of public opinion, the Giants are the favorites, and knowing that helped him make his pick.

“The whole world says the Giants are going to win this game,” he said. “Every media person you talk to, if you turn on any network, they’re all saying the Giants will win, which tells you the Patriots will win. When we all think one thing, we’re wrong. We’re never right. I’m going with the Patriots to win, simply because everybody says the Giants win, and if everybody was right, we’d all be rich.”