Patriots coach Bill Belichick is famous for his terse answers at press conferences. Did you know that he’s actually answering in Haiku? (Just Kidding.) (AP)

Super Bowl Haiku XVIII

Start spreadin’ the news!
I’m leavin’ today! Let’s go…
To Indiana?

February fifth
Giants versus Patriots
Peanuts and soda.

The Ravens fell short
Hey, my brother coaches them!
The Ravens fell short

Super deserving?
The Pats? Super deserving?
Ask Ravens kicker.

As time ticks away,

The Super Bowl gets closer…
But never quickly.

Cleats, meet open wheels!
Gentlemen, start your pigskins!
Indy Super Bowl!

Football captures us.
Or most of us, anyway.
Some go to movies.

They might be Giants.
Get it? They might be Giants?
John and John applaud.

Super party, drinks,
Hot stars, big deals in the works,
And some game, too, no?

The Pats move forward
Always, they move forward
Not when they back in

What would Tebow do?
Is Timmy home Brady-ing?
Maybe Manning Up?

New York Giants. Yeah,
Sounds good, strong. But when they’re home,
They’re in New Jersey.

Patriots will lose
In Indianapolis
And will write Cry-ku

Giant lines, offense,
Giant kicking game, returns…
But the wrong Manning?

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Check out Bill Littlefield’s conversation with Only A Game’s NFL analyst Gregg Doyel of, who joined us from Indianapolis.
He catches passes.
He catches many passes.
That is what Gronk does.

Huddled Giants ask
Which Pat had the concussions?
Whom do we hammer?

Super Bowl Haiku
Look left, right, fly to the catch
Superb Owl Haiku

Fan, half-baked, face first
Falls sprawling into hot sauce…
Bounces once. First down.

Excited Pats fan’s
Brain boils, scrambles words, teams, sports…
He roars “Yankees Suck!”

Boring point after
Only matters when it fails
Pointless irony