Music On Only A GameMasters Theme by Dave Loggins (from YouTube)

Mr. Loggins makes his second Only A Game appearance in as many weeks, but in a slightly funnier context. Did you know that Mr. Loggins was behind the similarly sedate 1974 hit “Please Come to Boston”? That makes him a Soft Rock offender on both sides of the Mason Dixon Line.

Let’s Fight by The Heroine Sheiks (from On the Installment Plan, Reptilian Records, 2000)

Another sports anthem from the good folks at Reptilian…

Bacon by Parry Gripp and Hoops and Yoyo (from One Donut a Day, 2008)

The goal is to eventually have all our music breaks be silly kids’ songs.

The Firm (Main Title) by The American Film Orchestra

Maybe we can get Tom Cruise on the show sometime. Naaah…