Music On Only A GameWhat Would You Wish from the Golden Fish by The Deep Six (from Deep Six, Rev-Ola, 1966) I would wish that we never again see a spate of bad band names, such as the world saw in the mid to late ’60’s. To wit: The Deep Six, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Chocolate Watch Band, The Electric Prunes, The Lollipop Shoppe. But I do have to admit that I like The Vanilla Trainwreck…

Ping Pong by Belmond and Parker (from Ping Pong EP, Splashtunes, 2009)

An entire EP of Ping Pong tunes from a French New Wave band? C’est magnifique!

 Soccer Ball by Parry Gripp (from Zamboni, Cool CDs, 2008)

Mr. Gripp has become a go-to artist for us, and he may soon be a candidate for Only A Game’s Music Hall of Fame, along with The Zambonis, Jack Beaver, Jonathan Richman and, of course, The Deep Six.

Neck Bones & Hot Sauce by L. Anderson and the Tarnadoes (from I Love Bar-B-Q, Rhino, 1999)

Let’s hope RG III’s neck bones remain intact long enough for Washington to enjoy a little postseason hot sauce.

Bill Veeck the Baseball Man by Hit and Run All-Stars with Melinda Root (from Diamond Cuts: Grand Slam, Hungry for Music, 2000)

Bill Veeck was certainly a baseball man. But did he invent the wrap sandwich, build his own restaurants, was he ever a municipal Director of Safety and could he levitate and read minds and spread world peace like another baseball man with the initials “BV”? I say no! But did Veeck ever keep Clay Bucholz in the game even as he surrendered five home runs? Also, no.