Rain delays, like this one at Coors Field in Denver, give fans a chance to let their minds wander. (AP)

If mice could pick up baseball bats

And wear those great big baseball hats

Could they be playing for the Cubs?

If not as starters, then as subs?


I wonder, too, if kangaroos,

If they were wearing baseball shoes,

Could help the Dodgers as they roam

And hop and bounce from third to home?


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The Giants also might prevail

More often then they’d likely fail

If sometimes in the batter’s box

They could employ a quick, brown fox.

(Don’t say they shouldn’t do it ever.

Foxes, I am told, are clever.)


The Pirates, when they make a switch

And need somebody else to pitch,

Might find a monkey to replace

A tired or unhappy ace.

But could a chimp be taught to throw

A ball where it would have to go

To lead the ump to shout out, “Strike!”

Or shriek it, if she were a shrike.


I’d like to see in left a frog

They’d rescued from a swampy bog.

With luck a stork might find a place

At first or third or second base,

While someone playing in left field

Could someday be convinced to yield

His spot to some four-legged pup

Who’d chase the ball and chew it up.


This is the harmless game I play

To get me through a rain delay.