Music On Only A Game



The Animal Sounds Song by A.J. Jenkins (from YouTube)

Our Technical Director, Mr. John Perotti, is reverting to his childhood after a long and apparently unrewarding career in sophisticated, adult music. From math rock to schoolhouse rock!

Here Comes the Bride by David Musial (from Drew’s Famous Wedding Songs: Here Comes The Bride, Turn Up the Music, 2000)

Our Technical Director, Mr. John Perotti, is preparing for adulthood.

Up and Over by Pearl Harbor & the Explosions (from Pearl Harbor & the Explosions, Warner, 1980)

I hadn’t known Ms. Pearl E. Gates had a fondness for Olympic track events.

Dawggy Mountain Breakdown by David Grisman (from Dgq-20, Acoustic Disc, 1996)

Hey…this is catchy. Maybe we can replace our current theme with it!