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Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen (from Born in the U.S.A., Columbia, 1984)

Bruce played at Fenway last week, right down the street from the office in which I’m writing this.  He did not play Glory Days, but it would have been ironic had he done that, givent eh current state of the Red Sox.

Congo Train by Les Baxter (from The Exotic Moods of Les Baxter, Capitol, 2009)

This is a good record, and it’s certainly superior to The Swingin’ Moods of Les Baxter,  The Many Moods of Les Baxter,  The Congolese Moods of Les Baxter and The Cranky Moods of Les Baxter.

Michigan Fight Song by The USC Trojan Marching Band (from Fight Songs, Delta, 1989)

Oh, what the heck.

Que Pena by Samuelito Almonte y Su Conjunto Tipico (from Viva Baseball Soundtrack, 2005)

For some reason, the documentary DVD is available, but not the CD soundtrack. Weird.

Yoga Harmony from Kundalini: Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation (Natural Science Records, 2010)

I’ve seen yoga disharmony before, and let me tell you, pal, it’s not pretty.