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Olympic Fanfare and Theme by World Olympics Pop Orchestra (from London Olympics 2012-Classical Opening Ceremony, Unchained Melodíe Records, 2012)

Nice to know the WOPO is not resting on its laurels and just watching the royalties roll in from Beijing…

Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks (from Something Else By The Kinks, Reprise/WEA, 1990)

I’ve heard this song about 332,438 times (and I could hear it another 548,783 times), but I’m still miffed that NBC callously ripped Ray Davies’ performance of it out of their London Closing Ceremonies broadcast. Harumph.

Come Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra (from Nothing But The Best, Reprise/WEA, 2008)

I prefer the Michael Bublé version.

Glide (original Mix) by Pleasure (from Greatest Hits, Fantasy, 1993)

Brings me back to riding the ol’ school bus my senior year of high school. Very unpleasant indeed. Do you see what kind of sacrifices I make so you can enjoy yourself every weekend?