Only A Game Music







I Started A Joke (Acoustic) by Filippo (from Absolutely Guitar Moods, Marleybone, 2011)

This is a funny choice, because host Karen Given HATES the Bee Gees. Maybe we can sneak it by her…


I Was Made For Lovin’ You by KISS (from Dynasty, Casablanca, 1979)

…and by loving you, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons mean “buy an Arena Football League team and make it KISS-lifestyle-friendly”


Joe Namath by Mushroom (from Foxy Music, Innerspace, 2001)

Funny, I thought this was a track from Brian Eno’s Music For Kissing Sideline Reporters.


The Fantastic Horse by Dolores Olioso (from Children Sing Animals!, Jora Music, 2012)

For Affirmed? No. For Cigar? No! For Secretariat? No, no and no! For Zippy Chippy? Yes!