Only A Game Music









Astro Man by Jimi Hendrix (from The Cry of Love, Reprise, 1971)

Not my favorite song from Cry of Love, but the record, which was released posthumously, is a quite underrated Hendrix record.


I’m Outstanding by Shaquille O’Neal (from Shaq Diesel, Jive, 1993)

Good luck in Shaqramento, Shaq! You’ll make a great Kings team O’Wner.


Heroes of War by David Robidoux (from America’s Game Volume Three, Cherry Lane Music/NFL Films, 2011)

Volume Two of this series is music by Tom Hedden, who composed the Only A Game theme song. It’s available on the box set titled Heroes of Sports, Public Radio-Style.


An Old Volvo by Tom Demarest (from Tune Ups, Tunings & Car Tunes, Ore-Grown Music, 2009)

Three million miles, huh? Either the transmission and engine were replaced fifteen or sixteen times, or the car’s really a Toyota.


Who Killed Davey Moore? by Bob Dylan (from The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 [Rare And Unreleased] 1961-1991, Columbia, 1997)

It was William Zanzinger! Oh, wait, wrong song.


Davey Moore by Phil Ochs (from the Early Years, Vanguard, 2006)

Man, these folk dudes were a cutthroat bunch. All fighting over the song subjects that would launch them to the toppermost of the poppermost.