Only A Game Music











Rock Paper Scissors by Will Hale and the Tadpole Parade (from All the Best, Tadpole Parade, 2007)

Hmmm. Seems like a benign start to the music list.


The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden (from Iron Maiden, Sanctuary, 2002)

Getting weirder!


Hooters Girl by Alan Gillies and the Blue Devils (from Snowball in Hell, Stone Angel Records, 2008)

Devils? H-ll?!?!?!?


Hail to the Chief by 1185 Mortier Belgian Band Organ (from The Best of the Wonderful Belgian Band Organ, Vol. 2, Gold 20, 2007)

The U.S Presidency? This is getting weirder than 20 Wes Craven films.


Furred Lines by (from YouTube)

That’s better…