November 7th, 2015

‘Speed Kings’ Profiles Larger-Than-Life 1932 Olympic Bobsledder

Eddie Eagan had never been in a bobsled when he was named to the U.S. Olympic bobsledding team for the 1932 Winter Games. Andy Bull, author of the new book “Speed Kings,” joins Only A Game to share Eagan’s story.

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October 31st, 2015

‘Tribal’ Connects College Football, American Culture And History

As a professor at Florida State University, Diane Roberts knows a thing or two about college football. Roberts’ new book “Tribal” examines how college football fans come together to embrace a sport rich with culture, contradictions and traditions. Roberts joins Bill Littlefield.

October 24th, 2015

‘The Betrayal’ Plays Fact Against Fiction In The 1919 Black Sox Scandal

In 1919, White Sox players conspired with gamblers to fix the World Series. In his new book “The Betrayal,” Charles Fountain explores the limitations of what can ever be proven in the Black Sox scandal. Fountain joins Bill Littlefield.

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October 17th, 2015

‘The Domino Diaries’ Examines Castro’s Cuba Through Its Athletes

Through boxing and his meetings with famous Cuban athletes, Brin-Jonathan Butler explored the complexities of Cuban life. Butler joins Bill Littlefield to discuss his new book, “The Domino Diaries.”

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October 10th, 2015

Bob Gibson Recalls World Series Start And More, ‘Pitch by Pitch’

Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Gibson struck out 17 batters in the first game of the 1968 World Series. Gibson’s Cardinals eventually lost that series in seven games, but the pitcher’s historic performance hasn’t been forgotten. Bill Littlefield speaks with Gibson about his new book, “Pitch by Pitch.”

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October 3rd, 2015

‘Pine Tar Game’ Explores The Aftermath Of A Contested Home Run

Baseball players use pine tar on wooden bats for better grip. It’s legal — and yet pine tar was at the crux of one of baseball’s most memorable temper tantrums. Filip Bondy’s “The Pine Tar Game” explores this infamous event.

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September 26th, 2015

‘Saban’ Sheds Light On College Football’s Premier Coach

Other college football coaches envy his success. His recruits love him. And yet he never seems to be satisfied with his results. Monte Burke’s biography “Saban: The Making of a Coach” examines what drives Nick Saban. Burke joins Bill Littlefield.

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September 12th, 2015

‘Billion-Dollar Ball’ Exposes College Football’s Big-Money Culture

Some colleges are pouring more money than ever into their football programs in hopes of getting even larger returns. For some schools, the model has been working. But is it sustainable? Gilbert Gaul, author of “Billion-Dollar Ball,” joins Bill Littlefield.

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September 5th, 2015

‘The Ugly Game’ Details FIFA’s Culture Of Corruption

Charges of corruption, bribery, money laundering and influence peddling have made FIFA the object of criticism and the subject of investigations. Heidi Blake and Jonathan Calvert, authors of “The Ugly Game: The Corruption of FIFA and the Qatari Plot To Buy the World Cup,” join Bill Littlefield.

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August 29th, 2015

‘Year Of The Dunk’ Extends Above The Rim

Having beaten cancer and entering into his mid-30s, Asher Price set out on a quest to dunk a basketball for the first time in his life. Price chronicles that year-long journey in his book, “The Year of the Dunk: A Modest Defiance of Gravity.” The author joins Bill Littlefield to discuss his attempt and to share what he learned.

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