Charlie Pierce
June 4th, 2016

Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports

One game into the 2016 NBA Finals, is it fair to say LeBron and the Cavs are big underdogs? And why does forward Anderson Varej√£o have better odds than anyone else of getting a championship ring? Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce and Bill talk NBA playoffs and more.

Charlie Pierce
May 14th, 2016

Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce tackle the NBA’s unanimous decision to name Steph Curry MVP, Max Scherzer’s 20-strikeout game and the San Jose Sharks’ postseason run. Plus, how did a fisherman’s tragic mistake cost him a world record?

April 23rd, 2016

The 48-Year History Of Projectiles Thrown By Philly Fans

As mothers everywhere tell their teenaged kids, once you develop a reputation for something, it’s hard to shake. The same holds true for sports fans, and earlier this week sports fans in Philadelphia lived up to a reputation they earned back in 1968. Only A Game’s Karen Given has the story.

April 9th, 2016

Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports

Is Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce surprised to learn that members of FIFA are named in the Panama Papers? Not quite. Charlie joins Karen Given to discuss that and more from the week’s sports news.

In His Own Words
March 19th, 2016

Fighting Back: Patrick O’Sullivan’s Long Road To Happiness

Patrick O’Sullivan played in the NHL from 2006 to 2012. He retired from hockey at age 27 — at what could have been the peak of his career — to seek treatment for a trauma that had followed him since childhood. He tells his story, In His Own Words.

January 27th, 2016

Sports-Related Dog News And Dog-Related Sports News

It’s not entirely true that Bill Littlefield thinks sports are going to the dogs. But it’s sort of true.

January 16th, 2016

Commentary: Let’s All Keep The Retirement Of Athletes In Mind

Retired Blackhawks player Daniel Carcillo tells Only A Game that the transition to life after sports can be jarring. Many athletes don’t think about retirement and the resources they’ll need until it’s too late. Bill Littlefield thinks this is a story worthy of attention.

November 18th, 2015

Why Fighting Still Thrives In The NHL

When the Nashville Predators played the Anaheim Ducks Tuesday night, Mike Fisher knocked out one of Kevin Bieksa’s teeth. And, yes, is still in business. Bill Littlefield has always wondered why fighting, which is seriously discouraged in other sports, gets a pass in hockey.

November 14th, 2015

3 Stories You Should Know: Greg Hardy, N.Y. ‘Competence,’ NHL Fighting

How come Cowboy Greg Hardy continues to play for Dallas despite domestic abuse revelations? Why is it suddenly difficult for fans to make light of the New York Jets, Knicks and Mets? And is there really any good reason to start a fight in hockey? Bill Littlefield is joined by Cindy Boren and Will Leitch for “3 Stories You Should Know.”

Only A Blog
October 13th, 2015

Bring Back The Mullet? Jaromir Jagr Says ‘Yes’

Decades ago, the mullet was a popular look. Today, though, you’d be hard pressed to find the classic hairstyle. Might that change this year thanks to one NHL legend?

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