Featured Book
August 17th, 2013

‘The Sports Gene’ Explores The Science Of Success

In his new book ‘The Sports Gene,’ David Epstein investigates the role genetics plays in forming elite athletes. His research took him all over the world and he shares some of his discoveries with Doug Tribou.

July 13th, 2013

Baseball Camp Offers Nicaraguan Children Hope

For one week, a youth baseball camp in Nicaragua gives kids a glimpse of a better future, while teaching them confidence and teamwork. Only A Game’s Ken Shulman has the story.

July 6th, 2013

An American Soccer Pro In Afghanistan

Nick Pugliese’s post-grad plans took an unusual turn when he quit his job at a telecommunications company to join a professional soccer club in Afghanistan. Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Grant Wahl shares Nick’s story with Bill Littlefield.

In The News
June 1st, 2013

Wrestling Hopes For An Olympic Reprieve

In September, the IOC will vote to add wrestling, baseball/softball, or squash to the 2020 Olympic program. The Lords of the Rings had hoped to add a new sport to the Games, but The Boston Globe’s John Powers tells Bill Littlefield that they’re likely to bow to pressure and reinstate wrestling instead.

Featured Documentary
April 27th, 2013

“Wild In The Streets” Documents A Historic (And Unusual) Competition

In his documentary “Wild In The Streets,” Peter Baxter explores Shrovetide Football, an unusual two-day competition that takes place in the streets of an English market town. Bill Littlefield speaks with Baxter about his new film.

In The News
April 27th, 2013

England Braces For German (Soccer) Invasion

Much to the chagrin of England soccer fans, it looks like a pair of German clubs will meet at London’s Wembley Stadium for Champions League final. ESPN’s Roger Bennett joins Bill Littlefield to provide an update on happenings across the pond.

In Depth
April 20th, 2013

In Wake Of Boston Tragedy, London Marathon Set For Sunday

The London Marathon will be run on Sunday, less than a week after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. The Guardian’s Owen Gibson joins Bill Littlefield to discuss the preparations leading up to the event.

In Depth
April 13th, 2013

Boise State Leaves Its (Blue) Mark On Hosei U

Since 2008, the Boise State football program has hosted Japanese coaches and players from Hosei University’s football team. Boise has even given Hosei University permission to install a blue football field. Only A Game’s Scott Graf has the story.

April 6th, 2013

World Synchro Championships Boast 16 Matching Marilyn Monroes

The 2013 World Synchronized Skating Championships are being held this weekend in Boston. Only A Game’s Karen Given couldn’t resist the urge to drop in on the rapidly growing sport for a short visit.

March 16th, 2013

The ‘Real’ Reason Behind Canada-Mexico Brawl

Bill Littlefield searches for a historical explanation for the brawl between Canada and Mexico at the World Baseball Classic.

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