April 23rd, 2016

How The $1B Concussion Settlement Fails Former Players

Evidence of CTE has turned up in nearly all of the former NFL players whose brains have been examined. Yet many of the players suffering from the symptoms of CTE are unlikely to get relief under the terms of the concussion settlement affirmed by a federal court on Monday. Bill Littlefield has the story.

April 20th, 2016

Concussion Settlement Affirmed, But Fight Must Continue

On Monday, a settlement to which the NFL and retired players agreed was deemed acceptable by a U.S. court of appeals. The NFL hopes that’s the end of the story that began with thousands of former players suing the league. Bill Littlefield hopes it’s not.

April 2nd, 2016

Football To Broadway To Wall Street: The Re-Invention Of Eddie George

Eddie George won a Heisman trophy while at Ohio State University and played in the NFL for nine years. But after his playing days ended unexpectedly, he had to re-invent himself. Eddie George tells his story, In His Own Words.

Charlie Pierce
March 26th, 2016

Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports

Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discusses the controversy that followed Oregon’s victory over Duke, the MLB’s decision to require translators for Spanish speaking players and the New York Times’ report on the NFL’s concussion research.

March 26th, 2016

3 Stories You Should Know: NFL Studies, Buscaglia, Retirement Tours

Should more media attention be paid to women’s sports? Have athlete retirement tours gotten out of hand? And, in the wake of another damning New York Times report, should Roger Goodell to be ousted as NFL commissioner? Sports writer Erik Malinowski and Only A Game’s Karen Given join Bill Littlefield.

March 19th, 2016

3 Stories You Should Know: LaRoche, Spring Training, NFLPA

Should players kids’ have unlimited access to the clubhouse? Is spring training dead? And is the NFLPA making the right move by attempting to strip Roger Goodell of his disciplinary powers? The Boston Globe’s Shira Springer and Craig Calcaterra of join Bill for this week’s roundtable.

March 16th, 2016

NFL Finally Acknowledges Link Between Football And Brain Disease

This week, the National Football League reversed its field. Or at least one of its vice presidents did. Bill Littlefield finds that development as encouraging as it was surprising.

In The News
March 12th, 2016

In Deflategate Science Fair Project, 7th Grader Takes On NFL

MIT professor John Leonard assesses the work of Ben Goodell, a 7th grader whose recent science fair project sought to prove Tom Brady’s innocence. “Ben Goodell’s experiment,” the professor tells Only A Game, “just adds to the evidence in my own mind that the Ideal Gas Law is pretty tried and true.”

March 11th, 2016

Time To Say Goodbye: Memorable Athlete Retirements

Peyton Manning is not the first, and won’t be the last, athlete to retire in memorable fashion. Here’s a look back at some other notable moments.

March 1st, 2016

Damian Lillard, Shaq, Serena Williams And Other Notable Rap-letes

When Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard was left off of the 2016 NBA All-Star team, he responded in the recording booth. Lillard is far from the first athlete to try his hand at rapping. From Shaq to Clint Dempsey, here are other notable players that have stepped behind the mic.

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