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July 17th, 2013

Graham’s Olympic Boycott Proposal Met With Strong Opposition

Should the United States boycott the 2014 Olympics in Russia if Edward Snowden is granted asylum there? Senator Lindsey Graham says yes, but House Speaker John Boehner and the U.S. Olympic Committee say no.

In Depth
July 13th, 2013

Pole Vaulting Takes To The Streets

Ahead of the 2012 Olympic trials, some pole vaulters tried to increase the sport’s appeal by taking to the streets. Anne Marshall has the story from Louisville.

June 22nd, 2013

Dealing With Civil Unrest, Istanbul’s 2020 Olympic Bid Takes A Hit

The conflict between the Turkish government and protesters has some worried just three months before the IOC votes on Istanbul’s bid for the 2020 Olympics. Christopher Clarey went to Istanbul and speaks with Bill about his experience.

In The News
June 1st, 2013

Wrestling Hopes For An Olympic Reprieve

In September, the IOC will vote to add wrestling, baseball/softball, or squash to the 2020 Olympic program. The Lords of the Rings had hoped to add a new sport to the Games, but The Boston Globe’s John Powers tells Bill Littlefield that they’re likely to bow to pressure and reinstate wrestling instead.

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May 11th, 2013

‘My Greek Drama’: Winning The 2004 Olympics

In 2004, Athens hosted the Olympic Games. But it almost didn’t work out. In her book ‘My Greek Drama,’ Gianna Angelopoulos explains how she helped bring the games Greece and addresses the controversies that are still lingering today.

February 23rd, 2013

Oscar Pistorius: Parsing Fact From Fiction

Truth is stranger than fiction. Much stranger. The Oscar Pistorius murder investigation is a prime example. Bill Littlefield examines the unpredictable twists and turns.

February 20th, 2013

Wrestling With No Wrestling

Since the International Olympic Committee announced that it’s planning to eliminate wrestling from the 2020 Games, there’s been a lot of public outcry. Many OAG listeners have shared their thoughts. Bill Littlefield has been collecting responses to that decision.

February 16th, 2013

Pistorius Case Shines Light On Domestic Violence

Olympian Oscar Pistorius was arrested this week, accused of murdering his girlfriend. Bill Littlefield reflects on the widespread problem of violence against women.

February 16th, 2013

The Douglases: Two Olympic Trailblazers, 64 Years Apart

The oldest living African American to win an Olympic medal is Herb Douglas, and the youngest African American to win an Olympic medal is Gabby Douglas. The former is 90. The latter is 17. Both Herb and Gabby Douglas joined Bill Littlefield.

In Depth
February 16th, 2013

Olympic Wrestling Felled By IOC

On Tuesday, the IOC Executive Board dropped wrestling, one of the oldest Olympic sports. To discuss what the move means for the sport and for the Games, Bill Littlefield spoke with the Boston Globe’s John Powers.

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