May 16th, 2015

Deflate-Gate: The NFL’s Master Stroke In Self-Promotion?

“The Patriots vs. the NFL vs. the NFL’s overwrought self-regard is a drama especially depleted in lovable protagonists,” writes Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Gay. Gay joins Bill Littlefield to discuss the Wells Report, the Patriots’ response to the Wells Report and all the latest Deflate-Gate news.

Only A Blog
October 10th, 2014

‘We Need To Talk:’ The All-Women’s Sports Show

Every staff member of “We Need To Talk” — yes, this means producers, directors and 12 on-air commentators — is female.

Sports History
May 31st, 2014

Bobby Mitchell, Washington’s First Black Player, Addresses Redskins Controversy

In the 1962 NFL season, Washington became the last franchise to add a black player to its roster. His name is Bobby Mitchell. The Hall of Famer recently broke his silence about the controversy over the team name Redskins. Only A Game’s Doug Tribou reports.

In Depth
May 24th, 2014

Debate Over Basketball’s ‘Hot Hand’ Heats Up After New Study

Most basketball players and fans believe in the hot hand, but scientists and statisticians have dismissed the idea for decades. Now, a new study claims to have uncovered proof that the hot hand is real. OAG’s Doug Tribou reports.

OAG 20th Anniversary
May 17th, 2014

The Poetry Of Sports With Former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky

For our 20th anniversary show, former U.S. Poet Laureate and long-time friend of Only A Game Robert Pinsky joined Bill Littlefield to discuss the connections between sports and poetry.

OAG 20th Anniversary
May 17th, 2014

For Women’s Hockey, Progress With Room To Grow

One of the women’s sports that has changed dramatically in OAG’s 20 years on the air is ice hockey. For our 20th Anniversary Live Show, we invited two prominent women in the game today.

OAG 20th Anniversary
May 17th, 2014

Bob Ryan, Andrea Kremer And Will Leitch On Sports Reporting

How has sports writing evolved over the past decades? To tackle that question, the Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan, NFL Network’s Andrea Kremer and Sports On Earth’s Will Leitch joined Bill Littlefield.

In the news
May 10th, 2014

Can Professional Bowling Be Spared?

Due to a lack of sponsorship money, the U.S. Open, bowling’s signature event, won’t be held in 2014. The 2015 tournament is also in jeopardy. Jason Belmonte, who has nine career titles on the PBA tour, joins Bill Littlefield to discuss his sport’s future.

May 10th, 2014

An Inside Look At Prison Weightlifting

Daniel Genis was a college grad with a career in publishing before he was imprisoned for 10 years. While incarcerated he became an avid weightlifter. Now free, Genis is criticizing the efforts of some states to remove weights from their prisons. He joined Bill Littlefield to discuss his thoughts.

May 10th, 2014

Billie Jean King: ‘Fight For Equality And Inclusion For Everyone’

Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes back in the 1973 but in the decades since she’s continued to champion women’s rights. She spoke with OAG’s Karen Given about her advice for college grads, her experience at the Sochi Olympics and the fight for gender equality.

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